Red and White Ball County Players in 2023

A follow-on post from the last one including the white-ball players of last summer.  Overall 55%  came through an independent school although this average is from a long-term trend that is heading up. There is also a high dependence on a small number of schools: around a quarter of the 360+ English players in 2023 came through 20 independents.

Not great from the point of view of drawing from the widest possible pool of players and it’s a picture that doesn’t get better if fathers and sons, other family members, are factored in.  2023 saw a D’Oliveira at New Road for the 44th season since the arrival of Basil in 1964, something to smile at, as with other family connections as individuals, but across the game  70%  were either from a public school or a cricketing family or both

Given  non-recording of some details at Cricket Archive the actual figure was probably higher. So is county cricket heading for a time when there are  no outsiders, just players from legacy independent schools and  families from the game’s history? Literally all from one, the other or both?

It might get (very) close. The county  breakdown of those from independent schools is below and, broadly, is quite similar to  that for CC players in the last post, which counted appearances. Going by either the existence of Durham is one reason why the game will probably stop short of literally all, even if the present trend has another decade to run.


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  1. Thank you for this – not at all comforting but unsurprising. I don’t have extensive evidence of this but at Hampshire we have pretty much stopped calling on the major public school – Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Charterhouse etc. but still lots from fee-paying schools – notably Millfield. Way back there were almost always Old Etonians but since the War just Ingleby-M and James Bruce . Winchester, in the heart of Hampshire, never very significant – the last one I think, Barry Reed 50+ years ago.

  2. Agree Dave, not great and I don’t think the overall numbers mislead to any great extent. In 2023 three Hampshire players Eddie Jack, Felix Organ and Tom Prest were from Canford School, where the coach is Matt Keech. It puts the school in the top 20 for educating numbers of cricketers… King’s College, Taunton and Millfied, 21 between them the most. Three from Harrow last summer but I’m struggling to think of a player from Eton in recent decades.

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