Overplayed Players?

Compiled from Cricket Archive, England-qualified players.

Counting the days county cricketers played last summer at one end of the spectrum Tazeem Ali, who as a 17-year old made an appearance in the Metro Bank Cup for Warwickshire, at the other Matt Critchley,  70 days plus for Essex. The median  was 29  (50% playing more, 50% less), the mean average 33. Too much? The season ran for almost six months, 177 days.

Twice these numbers too much? Framed as one day on stage, one day preparation, one day off is not way out of line with at least some of the professions; almost 90% of 360+ players played  less than 60 days, those more were not far from the 1:1:1 ratio. The Strauss HPR proposals for a 10 game County Championship, all changes done would have meant a max of 70 (74?) days, not all that much of a solution to the problem(s) as seen by its advocates.

A very conflicted schedule with player welfare at best secondary?  Nick Friend’s piece in the  Cricketer pointed to Glamorgan in the middle of last summer: a Championship game in Durham, then Chelmsford, then five journeys to and from South Wales;  nine games in 22 days. A recipe for fatigue? Kiran Carlson and Sam Northeast played in all of them, two of nineteen players for Glams in those games.  A figure fairly typical of  other counties, those playing at Durham making up about half the names on the team sheets.

But a core of players who played CC, Blast and ODC/100 matches, 44 with more than 60 days.  A certain concentration among the smaller counties? For Derby, Leicester and Northampton there were four between them.  Spin bowlers waiting to the end of May to get into games?.. more of those. Good reasons for county members to agree to a reduction in the 14 game Championship? Looking at these numbers not for this one.