ECB World (Updated)

Information subsequently received from the ECB Board has stated that the seemingly sensitive information about items of budgetary spend mentioned before were in fact purposefully made available to anyone who might want to take an interest. This (still does) surprise me but clearly no adjustment(s) needed!

A copy of the 2016 Annual Return can be downloaded above.

June 2017 A table summarising the ECB finances since 1997 is on the stats page. In the year to January 2017, the ECB lost £37mn, the reserves were halved, the explanation being much larger payouts to the counties.

One thought on “ECB World (Updated)”

  1. An excellent blog. I’d be interested to hear about a bit more about you came across the additional financial information for the 2015 – 2016 period.

    I also have a blog – (no – one reads it mind you) and we have some interests in common. I’d like to cross reference one of my articles to your blog is that OK?

    I had a bit of a chuckle when I read the reference to the ECB having deliberately disclosed all the additional information attached to the annual report. I find their statement hard to believe. In the 2016 – 2017 annual review they don’t even disclose broad heads on expenditure as they have in earlier periods and the Companies Act accounts avoid providing a split of revenues and costs by activity on the grounds of commercial sensitivity. That they should post quite detailed management accounts in the interests of transparency seems … . unlikely.

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